activate millions 

energy. wisdom.  impact.

for maverick, mystic, & visionary leaders
who feel called to activate millions through sharing 
leading edge, out of the box wisdom.

Join other Mavericks, Mystics, and Visionaries!



The Temple of Self-Appreciation

Saturday February 27th
at 9pm Eastern
6pm Pacific

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The Temple of Self-Appreciation

Saturday March 13th
at 9pm Eastern
6pm Pacific

Registration Opens Feb 28, 2021

Tune In - Your Energy

Celebrating, honoring, and appreciating your energy, wisdom, and impact is at the heart of everything I {Dawn} do.  Each program, gathering, and event is designed to help you tune in and remember who you are so you can return to your natural state of appreciation, abundance, and truth.

Turn On - Your Wisdom

Visionary, Maverick & Mystic Leaders, your wisdom is needed more than ever!  You feel the pull of your experiences and wisdom calling you forward to continue to take courageous and bold steps not to fix anything or to fight, but to transcend the limits of consciousness and birth new realities. 

Activate - Your Impact!

Activating Millions is a call to be of service to humanity beyond the matrix of rightdoing and wrongdoing.  It is a call to live our lives tuned in, turned on, and ACTIVATED by our own life giving and sovereign energy.  From this "beyond space" we can lead others to also live & lead abundant and activated lives.

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