Activate Millions 

Evolving Consciousness

your energy + your wisdom =
your impact!

for wisdom weaving women who feel called to activate abundance 
and make a bigger impact through sharing your leading edge, out of the box wisdom.

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TUNE IN to Your Inner Wisdom & Value 

Celebrating, honoring, and appreciating your energy, wisdom, and impact is at the heart of everything I {Dawn} do.  Each program, gathering, and event is designed to help you tune in to your inner wisdom, your value,  and remember who you are so you can return to a natural state of appreciation, abundance, and authentic truth.  

TURN ON - Your Wisdom

Visionary, Maverick & Mystic Leaders, your wisdom is needed more than ever!  You feel the pull of your experiences and wisdom calling you forward to continue to take courageous and bold steps not to fix anything or to fight, but to go beyond limitations of your current set of rules, beliefs,  systems, and circumstances to fully embody the value of your energy, wisdom, and your impact. 

ACTIVATE - Your Impact!

Activating Millions is a call to liberate ourselves and each other from the energetic conditioning that keeps us feeling tuned out, turned off and triggered.  It is a call to live our lives tuned in, turned on, and ACTIVATED by the woven fabric of our vision, our mystical and lived experiences, and our rebellious tendencies.  From this internal "self-centered space" we can lead others to also live & lead truly abundant and activated lives.

Wisdom Weaving Support

The sacred art of self appreciation


Self-Appreciation is a powerful way to increase your value and expand your impact as a wisdom weaver.  

The Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation helps you activate your DNA: Divine Natural Alignment.

Join Dawn's next workshop to go deeper into your own self-appreciation experience.

Wednesday August 23, 2023

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Discover the divine spark of genius that you bring to the world just by being alive.  Your Activation Code is the key to deeper understanding of the energetic reason your clients are attracted to you.

An Activation Code reading can help you understand & live in alignment with your own energy & help you understand the impact your energy makes just by being alive!

Free Intro Webinar June 15, 2022

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Abundance is the natural result of living a life of appreciation and liberating your energy through Divine Natural Alignment.  If you are looking for more abundance in life, Private Coaching with Dawn can help.

Whether you want to work with Dawn privately, or participate in an upcoming class, Dawn has many ways you can receive ongoing support to help you liberate & lead others to live truly abundant lives. 

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Energy Unleashed

Weaving Magic into Your Wisdom Sharing Work

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