activate millions podcast episode 001

"Wisdom, Intuition, & Asking for Support"

with guest Pamelah Landers

Master Hand Analyst

Recorded August 2020


In this episode I talk with my friend Pamelah Landers about 

  • Wisdom

  • Intuition

  • Asking for support

  • Pamelah's journey as a master hand analyst. 

Discover more about Pamelah and her body of wisdom here.  

More about Pamelah

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notes on this episode

My first podcast interview is with my best friend Pamelah Landers.  Pamelah has helped me connect more deeply to my emotional self through countless deep and intimate conversations.  She is a true master at providing space for what wants to emerge.  

I've known of Pamelah since around 2008 when I joined an online palmistry forum where people all over the world went to learn from each other about the markings in their hands.   Pamelah was clearly seen as wisdom keeper and leader within that community.  A few years later, I joined a Gift Markings teleclass she was teaching.   It was another few years or so before I met her in person at a Gift Markings retreat that she was leading with another hand analyst.   I was so attracted to her ability to trust her intuition and lead through the filter of her own inner guidance instead of following mental rules about what work, life, or business. 

Pamelah is the biggest supporter of my body of wisdom, especially the Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation and The Activation Codes.  She activates "Bonding" which is a beautiful energy to support bonding with my work.  She also activates "Healing of Abuse-from self and others."   That activation has been the most beautiful gift.  It's the energy that I was calling forward to help me integrate my self-abusive past.  

During our conversation Pamelah shares her journey through metaphysics and how she was being paid to read people's astrology charts at lunchtime while working for a big corporation and how she was called to be a scientific hand analyst.   

notes on my podcasting journey

I sent out 4 invitations to other maverick leaders before I sent Pamelah's invitation.  Pamelah and I talk all the time, I have interviews with her on my YouTube channel, and we were in the middle of teaching a class on transcending leadership wounds at the time of the recording.  In my mind I *thought* that people might want to hear a conversation with someone else on my first podcast.   When she showed up on my calendar as my first podcast conversation, I wasn't surprised.  It was as if it was always meant to be.  We are super connected and have many soul agreements to help each other in various ways.  It made sense that she was my first interview on the calendar! 

About 30 minutes before our interview, my husband and son started working on the pizza oven right outside of my office window!  They had Merle Haggard blaring on the radio while they started pouring concrete.  I quickly moved my computer, light, and microphone to the basement, cleared out some cobwebs, and hoped for the best!  I really like the blue gray wall behind me, so you may see me recording in the basement again in the future, but not on the regular.  

I'm loving the process of creating the podcast for the Activate Millions universe.  I've wanted to create one for so many years.   I'm so glad I waited!  It will be an ongoing learning journey for me each time as I make tweeks to the audio quality, the music, and anything else I feel like changing down the road.

I hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I enjoyed recording it!  Please share with maverick, mystic, and visionary friends and soul family who you think will appreciate this conversation.   

With great love, appreciation, and abundance!


Special Guest: Pamelah Landers
Recorded: August 2020
Running Time: 32 minutes 

In 1991 when Pamelah was introduced to the science-based system of Hand Analysis, she was hooked and has been reading hands ever since. She received a Certified Hand Analyst degree in 1992 and a Graduate degree in 1993 from the International Institute of Hand Analysis (IIHA) in Sausalito, California. In 2004 she became a Master Hand Analyst, having read over 15,000 hands to that date. Now it’s over 51,000 hands.

Following 3 and ½ years of graduate studies in this field, and knowing her life purpose to be a teacher and sharer of spiritual wisdom, she began teaching classes in California, Hawaii and Texas. Pamelah has appeared on Bay Area TV programs and had articles written about her work in the Palm Springs area newspapers and magazines.  She has been interviewed on many radio shows and podcasts around the world.

Pamelah is one of approximately 15 graduates from the International Institute of Hand Analysis who teaches others how to use this scientifically-based system.

You can find Pamelah's books, audios, and PDFs on her website: 

  • Your Love Design - a book about heart lines and how each heart line expresses love differently. 
  • Gift Markings - view your gift markings and available PDFs about the various gift markings in your hands. 
  • Life Purpose in your hands.

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