Dawn Nocera

Working with gratitude and deep appreciation in Santa Clara, CA the ancestral and unceded land of the Muwekma Ohlone (mah-WEK-mah Oh-LOW-nee) people.

My Original Intention

Activating and liberating Maverick, Mystic, and Visionary Leaders,
liberating you to weave your wisdom and make the leading edge impact you feel called to make in the world through self-centering of self-knowledge, self-appreciation, and self-activation.

How My Gifts Support You

Practicing deep appreciation for myself, those I work with, and life itself, I bring the gifts of intuition and desire for liberation and expansion along with the gifted wisdom of 
The Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation. 
Awakening self-awareness by helping you remember your cosmic and earth based DNA "Divine Natural Alignment" 
and the Activation Codes that you came here to activate and turn on in the world around you.

Integrating & embodying true abundance and
offering support to Maverick, Mystic, and Visionary Leaders where your truth can be spoken, your wisdom can be shared, transformational remembering can be witnessed, and original intentions can manifest naturally and organically.


Co-Creating A Universe 
Where I Want To Live

  • Where individuals are ACTIVATED and TURNED ON by the work they do, the WISDOM they share, and the lives they are LIVING. 
  • Where LEADERS come together as Sovereign Creator Beings to lead from wholeness, and compassion and where courageous  CONVERSATIONS are the norm.
  • Where AUTHENTICITY,  meaningful CONNECTION, and true ABUNDANCE are held sacred.  
  • Where SELF-APPRECIATION, Self-AWARENESS, and Self-LIBERATION nurture the planet.  
  • Where SOVEREIGNTY and UNITY are not perceived as mutually exclusive.  
  • Where men and women, aging and youth, and DIVERSE CULTURES, come together to nurture and cultivate REGENERATIVE businesses, communities, and initiatives that are based on MUTUAL APPRECIATION.  

My Repertoire of Self Awareness 

For the curious... 


7-11  Yes, I feel lucky.  I am lucky - I know I live in an abundant universe.  Cancer 

Activation Codes

Honest Truth & True Abundance

Human Design

Manifesting Generator 5/1; Left Angle Cross of (upward spiraling) Cycles, Emotional Authority
Completely open head and ajna.

Gene Keys

Life's Work: 53.5 "Everything is constantly passing away and beginning again." (Immaturity-Expansion-Superabundance)
: 46.2 "We create our own luck." (Seriousness - Delight - Ecstacy)
Core/Vocation: 5.5  Impatience - Patience - Timelessness

Hand Analysis

Life Purpose:  Captain of the Ship 
Gift Markings: 17 including stars on Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and Saturn.  Lines of Genius, and many intuitive gift markings. 
Heart lines: Passionate, Hermit, and Romantic Idealist. 


I seem to float between INTP (Introvert) ENTP (Extrovert) awareness.  


Type 5 - The Loner, Observer, Investigator.  

Intuition, Decoding (feeling) your Activation Code which is your Soul's Purpose in this lifetime, and fearlessness.  Yet, choice is my greatest superpower.

My Work in the World
I share my experience as a Maverick, Mystic, and Visionary Leader and Wisdom Weaver through my lived experiences of abundance, activation,  and self-appreciation. 

Spiritual Practice: 
The Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation

My Personal Life Theme

"Early Morning Born Again"

A young wife was giving birth to her first born child and her younger sister walked into the hospital room and said, "I have the perfect name for my niece!"  A moment of silence filled the air.  And then both at the same time excitedly said, "Dawn Renée." 

I heard that story many times when I was growing up.  Until that moment, my name was supposed to be Danielle and my mom planned to call me "Danny."  She really wanted a boy.  

My birth set the stage for my Life's Work. My Soul chose this life as the playground to truly experience and deeply know my Life's Work [Gene Key 53-Superabundance]; "Everything is constantly passing away and beginning again."  

Dawn Renée, literally translates to 'early morning' 'born again.'   

Hi, I'm Dawn - Serious Maverick and Truth & Abundance Activator

After 10+ years in the personal development and coaching industry, I now live to activate a world where Maverick, Mystic, and Visionary Leaders are thriving and weaving their unique wisdom in businesses, within families, and in communities to make the impact you feel called to make.  

I love supporting Maverick Leaders who are:

  • Liberators- Who know you are on the planet at this time to help others unravel layers of conditioning, and liberate leading edge, out of the box impact.  
  • Freedom lovers - who care deeply about freedom of thought, emotional truth and unconditional love for each other and the earth that all we occupy.
  • Connected - Who know that your presence on the planet at this time is about something much bigger than yourself!
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Short Bio For MSM Press & Interviews

Dawn Nocera is a mentor and success coach to maverick coaches, mystics, and visionary leaders in the top 1% of their industry. Dawn has created over 30 leading edge coaching programs, DVDs, MP3, books, and workshops over the past 13 years and has worked with MTV, world champion speakers, professional athletes, award winning sales teams, and maverick leaders in many fields.



Schedule a Conversation with Dawn

30 minutes of wisdom weaving

"There is a sense of inner peace that is transmitted with receiving your activation code."

Jeffrey VanDyk
Jeffrey VanDyk – Founder of Tribal Marketing and Courageous Messenger as well as Polarity & Higher Purpose Activator

"Knowing that I activate healing from self-abuse and abuse from others has helped me understand why some people are deeply attracted to working with me and others just can’t be in my energy for very long, they are just not ready to go there."

Pamelah Landers
Luminary Hand Analyst, Bonding & Sweet Spot Activator

"Looking back, I guess I’ve always known I activate Star Power, however working with Dawn has given me permission to take my work to a whole new level of depth, and understanding of what Power I truly activate. I feel like I’m free to use my authentic power with more love and connection."

Dena Crowder
Star Power Activator

"The shift of knowing how you Activate people and how they can activate you is powerful."

Luanne Simmons
Goddess on Purpose, Australia, Sanctuary Activator

"When I became aware of my Subtle Energy Activation, thanks to Dawn, I realised I had been subtly aware of this my whole life, but never considered it a gift! Bringing it into my awareness has opened-up my world in ways I could never have imagined possible. Subtle energies allows me to navigate what is an obstacle and how to clear the obstacle in any person and domain in life, especially in the key essentials to Grail Leadership."

Julia McKeowen
Magik Weaver and Subtle Energy Activator

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