activate millions podcast episode 004

"Following Your 

Multidimensional Calling"

with guest Heather Carter

Recorded August 2020


In this episode I have a multidimensional conversation with Heather Carter about:

  • Heather's journey as a dancer & traveling internationally. 
  • Wisdom for the Maverick path
  • Tuning into internal guidance
  • Allowing Flow to guide you
  • Creating your own reality 
  • Following your multidimensional calling
  • Spiritual travel
  • and sooo much more!

Visit Heather on Instagram @mermaid_9. 

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notes on this episode

In this episode I have a multidimensional conversation with Heather Carter about her journey as a dancer & traveling internationally, and the necessity of tuning in.  Heather shares wisdom for traveling the Maverick path, creating your own reality, and following your multidimensional calling. 

You'll learn how Heather used her wisdom and her work with her sword to manifest an epic move to Hawaii.  Heather shares how she stays connected to the land and what she calls the ecosystem of the environment when she travels.  We talk about the sovereignty of the planet, and why tuning in is more important than trying to be a savior to others.  

Visit Heather on Instagram @mermaid_9. 

View the video recording of this episode at: 

I hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I enjoyed recording it!  Please share with maverick, mystic, and visionary friends and soul family who you think will appreciate this conversation.   

With great love, appreciation, and abundance!


Special Guest: Heather Carter
Recorded: August 28, 2020
Running Time: 1 hour 30 minutes 


Heather Carter is a Cosmic Dream Weaver, Mermaid, Walker Between the Worlds, Dancer, Soul Surfer, Nature Lover, Wanderlust, Moccasin Feet, Creator Being 🗡🧜‍♀️🌞👣🌎

Heather has lead a wild and adventurous life. Having traveled all over the world as a professional dancer and explorer and connecting with several sacred sites and learning indigenous ways through her own self discovery and workings with peoples, she has come to know her soul’s path is the path of her heart. She has had life long mystical, multi-dimensional and deeply moving experiences with benevolent and malevolent energies and beings. Through years of reconciliation and healing, she understands that her life is a co-created agreement with all her experiences. She currently resides on The Big Island of Hawaii with her amazing husband and life partner Ted. She swims as a mermaid daily, connects with the land, mountains, sea and Pele and considers herself a “Natural Woman”. 

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