activate millions podcast episode 008

"Trauma Blind Spots"

with guest Michelyn Gjurasic, Trauma Informed EFT Practitioner, Master Hand Analyst, and Body Confidence Activator

Recorded Dec 18, 2020


In this episode I talk with my good friend Michelyn Gjurasic about:

  • Trauma blind spots
  • The pleasure of helping others
  • Recognizing trauma
  • So much more!
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notes on this episode 

In this episode I speak with Trauma Informed EFT Practitioner, Michelyn  Gjurasic, who is also a good friend of mine, Master Hand Analyst and Body Confidence Activator.   In this episode we talk about trauma blind spots, how to recognize trauma in yourself, and the pleasure of helping others.  

Michelyn is a part of my support system as I've moved through some surprising trauma experiences.  She often says, "Trauma is just another word for learning."   

Michelyn and I would like to invite you to join us for an EFT tapping session that is available at the end of the video version of this podcast.  

As Maverick, Mystic, and Visionary Leaders it is crucial that we take a look where trauma lives in our lives.  We can only help others to the extent that we are willing to receive help for ourselves. 


View the video recording of this episode at:

I hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I enjoyed recording it!  Please share with maverick, mystic, and visionary friends and soul family who you think will appreciate this conversation.   

With great love, appreciation, and abundance!


Special Guest: Michelyn Gjurasic
Recorded: Dec 18, 2020
Running Time:  1 hr 6 min

Michelyn Gjurasic is an emotion coach who helps people to identify, express and release their emotions in safe and fun ways. She has found that holding feelings in or denying them is actually what makes them hang around longer, leading to uncomfortable and unmanageable lives. Fully feeling an emotion allows it to move through you and then move on, so that you can move on as well. Michelyn is a trauma-informed EFT Tapping Practitioner who can listen to your stories and help you digest the hard things that have happened to you. She is also a Master Hand Analyst who sees the patterns and markings of your hands as your own unique "blueprint" for life. Michelyn's practice includes private and couples work as well as group classes and workshops. She is the author of The Beacon, The Database of Scientific Hand Analysis, as well as co-author of two other books on healing. Her background includes non-profit work, teaching English, and consulting. She is a wife and mother of 3 and a wicked tennis player.

Check out Michelyn's work:

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