What is the Activate Millions Universe?

activate millions Sep 04, 2020

What is the Activate Millions Universe? 

As any parent knows, you don't really know what the child will be like until it is full grown.  The best you can do is create an environment that will support the mutual thriving of the child and the family, and nurture your child's growth towards self-sufficiency, autonomy, and compassion as they interact with the world around them.   

I have 3 children and the environment they were born into was different for each one of them.   I'm not talking about the physical environment, though that is a part of it, I'm talking about the energetic environment.   As a new mom, and new wife, the energetic environment I was creating for my first born was very different than the environment my third child was born into.   In my family, I hold the energetic wisdom and vision for the environment.   I am the womb space.  

The activate millions universe is a womb space where the reality of who you truly are and the universe that you are creating can be birthed.

A Universe Where I Feel Called To Live, Work & Play

Where mystic, maverick, and visionary leaders are TUNED IN, TURNED ON, AND ACTIVATED!

I am creating the Activate Millions Universe as a space where leaders can come to tune in, turn on, and activate their impact, their lives, and their energy.    Where you are impacting your families, your communities, your businesses, and your own universes to realize your own infinite potential as a cosmic creator being.  

When leaders are activated they are TUNED IN, TURNED ON.  When we are tuned in and turned on  we turn each other on, we are self-activating and we ACTIVATE those around us.   As a result we are turned on by the work we do, the WISDOM we share, the lives we are LIVING, and the IMPACT we are making.  When you are activated, every cell in your body is turned on!  Your life force energy is in resonance with the life you are living.   

Tuned In:  ENERGY!

In the Activate Millions Universe:

  • Your energy matters more than action or systems when birthing new ideas, creating new systems, building community, or midwifing new universes.  
  • The impact of your conscious SELF-APPRECIATION, Self-AWARENESS, and Self-LIBERATION nurtures the planet. 
  • You honor your unique sovereign energy and individual self-expression, so you can serve the earth and humanity from your overflowing cup of abundance, unconditional love, and joy!  
  • You recognize the call of your own life force energy and connection to your inner wisdom leading you towards expansion and abundance.  
  • Your AUTHENTICITY, truest DESIRES, and unique connection to Source Energy are held sacred.  
  • You are the author, and authority of your life and you honor the sovereignty of those around you, and those you are helping, supporting, and guiding. 

Being Tuned In, is a sacred act of self-love where you know yourself intimately.

Turned On:  WISDOM!

  • You feel and know the difference between your conditioned patterns of thought and energy, and the relief that comes from liberating your Soul's deepest wisdom and truth.  
  • You follow the feeling of being turned on by life, nature, the ebbs and flows, and you rejoice in discovering more about your infinite nature as a cosmic creator being.  
  • Contrast is electrifying and you feel the powerful truth emerging through each perceived failure and challenge.   Contrast, setbacks, and failure is seen as magic. 
  • Your life, work, and wisdom is guided by your own truth and your connection to your sacred soul energy. 

Activated:  IMPACT!

  • Where your wisdom is shared with those who resonate with you, your energy, and your flavor and frequency of wisdom.
  • Where you magnetically attract, through resonance, not through manipulation or sales tactics,  your soul tribe who want to weave your wisdom with their own to activate (turn on!) more and more people to deeper levels of self-sufficiency, self-trust, and self-empowerment.
  • Where you are aware of the impact of your wisdom and your energy on the planet, and on those around you.   You are also aware that people can be triggered by your energy when they are not asking for it, not ready for it, or if it out of sync with where they are on their journey. 
  • Where you take 100% responsibility for your power as an energetic creator being to create the life you are living and to positively impact those around you, even when you do absolutely nothing! 

Together we are birthing self-oriented universes, expressing individual genius & liberated self-expression in service to unconditional love and appreciation for ourselves, our communities, the earth and its inhabitants.  

A Universe being Created for and by Maverick, Mystic, and Visionary Leaders

I'll share more in other posts about what it means to be a maverick, mystic, and visionary leader, but for now here's a quick glimpse.

Women As Leaders:

Maverick Leaders

Maverick leaders really don't like to be tied down or told what to do, hence they don't like rules.  Actually, you may hate rules.  You are unbranded and untamed, and yet you have a natural and easy connection with life itself.  You love experiencing life to the fullest.   You value FREEDOM and SELF-EXPRESSION more than anything.  You ride the edges of community because you always have one foot in and one foot out, ready for the next adventure.  Your relationship with leadership can feel like a push pull relationship when you are operating from wounding around feeling trapped by your work, your wisdom, and by the expectations of others in your realm.   

Mystic Leaders  

Mystic leaders just know things.  You value your WISDOM and unseen realms (energy!).  You also don't like to be told what to do, for you it is mostly because you don't trust people.  You feel everything!   You feel a deep psychic connection to the earth, you know how to to work with energy.  Magic and the mysteries of life are your playground.  You are a truth seeker and a believer in the natural healing powers of all human beings.   Mythic lore can feel more like truth to you than logical scholarly explanations about life, love, and creation.  You may even have studied what feels like hundreds of healing modalities.  You can feel the misalignment in the people you lead, and you feel the pain and suffering of others and of yourself at deep levels.   Your relationship with leadership can feel challenging (you may even feel bitter and resentful) when you are operating from wounding around feeling insignificant, invisible, overlooked, or misunderstood.  

Visionary Leaders

Visionary leaders see the possibilities for doing things differently.   You value your VISION and your IMPACT.  You see possibilities where others see problems.  Your vision is often way ahead of its time.  You also don't like to be told what to do or how to think.   Your connection to your vision has been supported by vision quests and deep inner work.   You continue to clear away old patterns and beliefs (outdated conditioning) in service to your vision.  You do everything you can to ensure your vision becomes reality.  Your relationship with leadership can feel challenging when you are operating out of wounds around your vision being misunderstood or manipulated for an impact you are not aligned with.  

I've found that if you identify with one of the above leadership types, you are most likely weaving in all 3 types depending on what is happening in your own realm.   

The overall life themes for maverick, mystic, and visionary leaders that are attracted to the Activate Millions universe are:

  • You have leading-edge out-of-the-box wisdom you love to share.
  • You don't like being told what to do.
  • You value freedom and self-expression.
  • You don't like feeling trapped, controlled or manipulated.
  • You want to make the impact you feel called to make.
  • You may just have a vision for humanity that's time has come.

Want to explore this universe with me?

I invite you to explore Activate Millions Universe in a way that feels resonant for you.  

Glimpsing the Activate Millions Universe Resonance Field

The resonance field of the activate millions universe is where most people will connect.  The resonance field is a free space to engage at your own pace, on your own time, and in your own way.   The purpose of the resonance field is to help you decide if the Activate Millions universe is  a place you you feel called to visit or explore more deeply.  This is truly the attractor field.  If you don't feel a magnetic attraction to engage in some way to the resonance field, you are most likely not going to benefit from experiencing the Activate Millions Universe for yourself.   However if you feel your energy leaning in, and tuning into the attractor/resonance field, then you may feel a deeper call to experience one or more of the offerings within the universe itself.

The Activate Millions Podcast  - These are open dialogue conversations exploring what it takes to share leading edge out of the box wisdom as maverick, mystic, and visionary leaders. 

@activatemillions on Instagram - I'll post on Instagram as I feel inspired.  Right now I have a couple of videos up that I recorded during my morning walks.  Currently these are called the Wisdom & Wellness Walks Series.  These are live videos on Instagram where I share my personal wisdom about what it takes to share your wisdom and activate millions.  These are live videos recorded while I'm walking and taking care of my personal wellness.  Health is important to me, and so is being outside in the sun enjoying fresh air and increasing health.  

The Blog -  So far, there are only 2 Blog posts up.  One is a video I shared about expectations during the last 21 Day Self-Appreciation experience, that I reposted as a blog.   The second blog post is the blog post that you are currently reading! 

The Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation

The point of entry into birthing yourself as a sovereign creator being, and the entry point of the activate millions universe is the "The Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation."    I resisted creating anything that sounded or looked like rules, or conditions to the Activate Millions universe.  However everytime I explore the various possibilities for ways to enter the Activate Millions universe, I am brought back to this foundational wisdom, "The only thing we need to do is appreciate ourselves."  

Everything in the activate millions universe builds upon the foundational wisdom of The Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation.

As Mavericks, Mystics, and Visionary Leaders, there is no doubt that you have gone deep into the world of personal development, manifesting, and energy work of one kind or another.  You most likely have come to realize that there is no greater tool than self-love to assist you on you journey.  

If you want to practice sharing something that you appreciate about yourself, you can go to the Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation Facebook Page that is designed as a place where you can and post what you appreciate about yourself as often as you wish.  I created this page back in April of 2016.  I will be adding more light and more energy to this page over time.  Again, this is the most important wisdom I've brought through. 

"Self-Appreciation is a frequency that is necessary for birthing our greatest works, and going deep into tuning into ourselves and remembering who we truly are." - Dawn Nocera 

You can do this work on your own or you can experience deeper levels of self-appreciation, self-acceptance, and self-liberation by experiencing it with others through the offerings of the Activate Millions Universe.   

Experiencing the Activate Millions Universe 

Tuning In To Your Own Unique Energy:   

This is a where maverick, mystic, and visionary leaders can engage with me and the Activate Millions Universe through courses, workshops, and events:

One of the many ways I personally support leaders in tuning in, is through tuning into your Activation Codes and facilitating SASA {The Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation} experiences. 

  • 21 Day Self-Appreciation Experiences - Self-Appreciation is my spiritual practice and is by far the best way I have found to tune into your own energy and discover what is really true about who you are.  I'm reimagining the 21 Day Challenges and may do this differently in the future.  
  • Activate Code Sessions - If you are really want to appreciate and know yourself at a Soul level, then scheduling an Activation Code session may be the next step for you.   
  • Transcending Leadership Wounds - A 3 week, 6 session co-creative experience facilitated by myself {Dawn} and my good friend and Master Hand Analyst, Pamelah Landers.  
  • Activating Life's 12 Energies -  Transformational Coaching - Coming Soon!   

Turning On Your Wisdom:  

Deeper engagement through community wisdom weaving.

As a part of the Activate Millions Universe, I'm creating an "IAM" {I am Activating Millions} community where leaders who feel "Turned On" by the wisdom of their Activation Codes, and the work of The Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation can dive a little deeper into appreciating your own energy and its impact on the world around you with others who know their activation codes and who are practicing self-appreciation regularly.   

I will share more about the IAM Community when we open the doors. 

Activating Your Impact: 

Deeper engagement through co-creation, wisdom weaving, and transformational guidance to help you Activate Millions through sharing your leading edge, out of the box wisdom. 

  • Maverick Leadership Support for birthing your own courses, coaching experiences, and universes. 
  • Private Coaching - for when you need someone who deeply understands you at a soul level to help you embody and take ownership of your activation codes,  move through any resistance to leadership, and connect to your natural state of ease and power.  

Activating Communities:

I have been feeling a deep call to weave the wisdom of self-appreciation, and maverick leadership into families, communities, and business for a while.  I'm not sure how this will look.  However if you feel turned on by the idea of bringing The Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation into your realm, let's talk.  

Thank you for being a part of the Activate Millions Universe!  Engage in a way that turns you on! 

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