• Southwestern U.S. an unbranded calf, cow, or steer, especially an unbranded calf that is separated from its mother.
  • A lone dissenter, as an intellectual, an artist, or a politician, who takes an independent standapart from his or her associates:
  • A person pursuing rebellious, even potentially disruptive, policies or ideas:


  • unorthodox, unconventional, nonconformist

Origin:  1865–70, Americanism Samuel Maverick (1803–70), Texas pioneer who left his calves unbranded

On the outside you look like a great success, right?

You have transformational gifts and out-of-the-box wisdom that are designed to help the world heal and thrive.   

You are on the leading edge of thought and innovation and have a vision for the future of humanity that you are bringing to the planet. 

Because you are a Maverick, you enjoy traveling and meeting new people and integrating new perspectives to help yourself and those you feel called to serve.   

You are fiercely independent and enjoy taking risks by regularly introducing new perspectives and innovative ideas.   

You’ve certainly experienced a lot in your life.  You do things other people wouldn’t even dream of doing. 

Pursuing new ideas and new experiences is so easy for you. 


And yet, on the inside…

You feel exhausted from the up-down relationship with success & money. 

With each new launch you feel trapped by the success you manifest, or bored with the possibility of doing this one thing for the rest of your life.    

Success can sometimes feel like a life sentence to you and you disengage from your work and your tribe so you don’t get bored.  You really hate boredom and working with boring people.  And what’s boring to you is not boring to others, and vice versa.

You may even feel frustrated and possibly angry with yourself for not being able to “figure out” why with each new success you feel more and more trapped.  After all, you are one of the smartest people you know.

Despite having all of this spiritual wisdom, intuition, and business know-how, you still feel like there is some missing ingredient on your journey.


You may even:

Lack motivation and energy for business activities.  

You crave more depth, more truth, not more action and goals.   You know how to make magic for others but making it work for yourself can seem like hit or miss sometimes.  

You may even begin to feel burnt out, because it seems like you are always starting over.   Your disillusionment of the personal development industry, the law of attraction, and all the inner work you’ve done over the years, is beginning to affect your perspective and your work.

You can feel something completely new calling you, but you are afraid of losing the clients, income, and freedom you already have.  

Worse yet, you are beginning to question the inspiration that moves you.

If this feels familiar...

You may be a Maverick!

Mavericks love freedom & their independence and they 
easily help others overcome fears and see things differently.

Mavericks are not motivated by money or material possessions as much as they are motivated by freedom, new experiences, and building something  that will make a difference.   The process holds more excitement than the end result.  

Mavericks are highly gifted and know how to make things happen and create transformation wherever they are needed.

If you are an expert at starting new adventures, creating new methods and new systems,  and you enjoy finding solutions to unsolvable problems, chances are you are a Maverick too! 

Unfortunately, there is a dark side that comes along with being a Maverick.

 As a Maverick, when your business grows and expands success can start to feel like a trap.  And to a true Maverick any loss of freedom can cause you to disengage with your work, neglect your clients or families, and sometimes we even escape by starting something completely new.

There is hope!  (Read on…)


What if you could find the one thing in the world that won’t feel like a trap to you and that will actually feel more liberating and give you more freedom than anything you’ve ever experienced in your life?

Freedom is everything, right?

The problem is that when you’re a Maverick Entrepreneur and your business grows, success can start to feel like a trap.

So what do you do? Do you sacrifice your freedom for success?

Hell no. Not a chance!

You jump ship. You bail. You close shop and go on (yet another) a global adventure…

Until the money runs out.

Yeah.. I get it. Been there done that.

And I’ve started over again too – much like you.

In fact, I’ve started over again… and again… and again.

Because success always seems to come with shackles.

Now, if you weren’t called to lead you could just say the hell with it, play the stock market and live a life of simple freedom.

But you can’t do that.

You know you’re meant to lead...and thrive.

You know there’s work for you to do in this life.

So how do you have freedom, success and reach as a leader?  

That’s the answer you must find.

Because without it, you’ll never get off the roller coaster of success then failure, and abundance then scarcity…

You’ll exhaust yourself (not that you haven’t already)…

You’ll never live your life’s mission…

And that’s the greatest trap of them all.


Enter The Realm of Maverick Leadership

Maverick Leadership Is A Calling

Beyond building a business, it requires immense trust and a willingness to stand in front, share your wisdom and vision,  and most importantly; it requires you to lead the way.  

Maverick leaders are freedom loving, rule breaking, out of the box leaders who make an impact and income by sharing their deepest wisdom and essential genius without sacrificing your freedom.

Before You Are Willing And Ready To Answer The Call… You Have A Few Requests To Help You Make The Impact You Are Called to Make, In A Way That Won’t Feel Like Bondage…





As a Maverick Leader you want freedom to follow your Inner Authority while being a role model for authenticity, integrity, and responsibility to YOURSELF while leading with grace and ease.  You do not want to be told what to do.  (Me neither.)





As a Maverick Leader you want freedom to share deep wisdom and be a beacon of truth for those who are called to work with you.  You’ve experienced a lot of ups and downs and want to share what you’ve learned from your experiences.  



As a Maverick Leader you want to experience a growing sense of satisfaction from the work you do and you want freedom to expand and help others while being true to yourself.





As a Maverick Leader you want to feel good about your finances. You want co-creative relationship with money, finances, spending, receiving, and giving.





As a Maverick Leader you want to activate abundance and higher frequencies in your tribe, community, and within your family. You want to consciously open doors of freedom for others. You want to make an impact with your wisdom. You want to enrich the lives of those you care about through your presence.





You want to make the impact you feel called to make in the world.  You many even want to impact and activate millions, but you want to do it without sacrificing the magic of who you are.  You want to make an impact without feeling trapped by the expectations of others.  And yes, this requires working with others.

But chances are, you can’t sustain your Maverick Leadership right now because there is a little
“Hell Raising Rebel” in you
that HATES feeling trapped, controlled,
or being told what to do!


Don’t compromise your freedom, when you can share your deepest truth and experience ever expanding abundance.

In order to really step into
Maverick Leadership you need to master these 5 realms of awareness. 

The Realm Of ENERGY: Sovereignty & Expansion

  • This is where you discover your Activation Code so you can get off the hamster wheel and own who you are as a spiritual being.

  • Discover your energetic domain and sovereign authority.  This is the realm of energy you are uniquely qualified to master for yourself and uniquely qualified to help those that are called to work with you navigate.

  • Sustain a sense of Activation so you can grow with ease, without ever denying your own power.


The Realm Of Maverick (Roundtable)

  • Intentionally lead your tribe and your team by aligning intention and meaning with your goals and direction.
  • Communicate with the SOUL of your tribe while creating structures that allow others to feel safe while stretching beyond their comfort zone.
  • Recognizing when you feel like disengaging from your tribe and finding deeper meaning in the call within you to lead.
  • Discover ways to maintain your freedom while leading others.
  • Recognizing what is your domain and what is not.
  • How to stand in your power when you feel betrayed, or (gasp!) powerless.
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The Realm Of Death & Dying (The Danger Zone)

  • Powerfully reconnect to your relationship with death and dying so you can authentically lead your tribe through the journey of being activated by you.

  • Prepare to lead, and create with purity of heart and with divine intention.

  • Discover how to be free from the emotional attachment to the material world while still attracting abundance. Experience rule breaking and authentic rule making so you can build your body of work without feeling trapped by the work you do.

The Realm Of Genius at Work 

  • Connect more deeply with the tribe that is calling you forward into higher frequency co-creation.

  • Harmonize your inner masculine/feminine energy to work together so you can powerfully share your deepest wisdom and enjoy the life you are creating

  • Discover your soul satisfying work.. The reason for getting out of bed. Getting out of bed with passion.

  • Work when it feels easy, not when it is hard.

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The Realm Of Abundance

  • Discover how to stay in integrity with true abundance while making more money.

  • Explore where scarcity hides within the rules you’ve created in your business and in the rules of your industry.

  • Learn how to make your own abundance rules.

  • Discover where abundance is dammed or blocked up in your work/business.

  • Learn how to stop chasing abundance and allow abundance to find you.

  • Discover what your relationship with money really is. Hint: It is not about money.

Hi I’m Dawn Nocera, and I believe you have everything inside you to lead, grow, and succeed fearlessly, and financially without compromising your freedom.  

I have a track record of creating over 30 different coaching programs, self-coaching audios, books, and  DVD’s over the past 12 years that help my clients discover the abundance of riches that are already within them.   I have worked privately with top realtors, reality TV networks, professional athletes, world champions of public speaking, as well as brick and mortar business owners.  I helped them manifest more sales, lead more fulfilling lives, and build business that are based on the principles of abundance to create more freedom for all – not less.

I am an evolutionary coach, not just a transformational coach.  Every program I teach has been tested with the goal to help my clients gain self-awareness of their ability to manifest what they want, share their wisdom, and understand the nature of their own cosmic energy.

I’m extremely proud of my ability to listen to my intuition and inner guidance and create programs that help my clients gain understanding of who they are as cosmic beings, creating value for my clients and the lives they touch.

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