activate millions podcast

with Dawn Nocera

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activate millions podcast 

with host Dawn Nocera

Welcome to the home of Activate Millions Podcast.  These are open dialogue conversations exploring what it takes to share leading edge out of the box wisdom.   

The diverse range of topics covered are held with the intention to serve the greater community of mystic, maverick, and visionary leaders who are sharing our ever evolving and leading edge wisdom with more and more people to make a greater impact for ourselves, humanity, and the planet. 


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activate millions

energy.  wisdom.  impact.

for maverick, mystic, & visionary leaders
who feel called to activate millions through sharing 
leading edge, out of the box wisdom.

An invitation for those who feel called to witness the creative impulse...

At this time I'm (Dawn) calling in the midwives and those who feel called to witness the creation of the womb space and the birth of the Activate Millions website, podcast, and offerings from the energy of unconditional love and from a deep passion and appreciation for our individual and collective journeys as visionary, maverick, and mystic leaders.

Yes, I want to witness...