Claiming Your Work - E007 - Guest Jeffrey VanDyk

In this episode I talk with my good friend Jeffrey VanDyk about trusting the ripple effect of your impact, how wounds show up for us as coaches and serving professionals, the wisdom of ongoing parts work, and what it takes to go from teaching someone else's wisdom to claiming the work that only you can do. Jeffrey shares details of his wisdom sharing journey and his call to lead others to lay a claim to and market their unique work.

I love Jeffrey's work and what he brings through at The Courageous Messenger. Enjoy learning more about his transformational journey in this episode.

Read more about Jeffrey and The Courageous Messenger and view the video recording of this episode at:

I hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I enjoyed recording it!  Please share with maverick, mystic, and visionary friends and soul family who you think will appreciate this conversation.

With great love, appreciation, and abundance!