Sovereign Unity - 002 - Guest Holly McCann

Episode #2

In this episode I invite Holly to dive into the wisdom she holds around sovereign unity through the visionary work she is holding for Grail Leadership.  We go into the concepts of sovereign unity, roundtable leadership, meeting the needs of others at the roundtable, creating systems and structures for true co-creation, mythic arthurian lore and so much more!

Holly and I have been friends for over 12 years.  Our relationship has been one of mutual support and respect and continues to grow and expand as we have engaged in co-creation at Grail Leadership.  Holly has opened my eyes to the many possibilities beyond 'business as usual.'  Her vision for where humanity is heading is awe inspiring.

I hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I enjoyed recording it!  Please share with maverick, mystic, and visionary friends and soul family who you think will appreciate this conversation.